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Hiring a Fulton Criminal Lawyer for Your Case

When the police arrest you for a crime, you know that you are in trouble. Your freedom is in jeopardy because you are at risk of jail time. Criminal convictions end up with a criminal record meaning that this will affect your ability to find employment. You may also be at risk of fines and this will affect your finances. All these reasons necessitate the need to hire a Fulton criminal lawyer.

The first thing that the attorney will do is to look at the circumstances surrounding the case. Crimes include both felonies and misdemeanors. Misdemeanors are usually punishable with sentences that are less than a year while felonies present more serious offenses. An attorney is important because he will walk you through the case from the time of your arrest up to when you appear in court. The attorney will also arrange the preliminary hearing and request the court to issue bail as you prepare for the case.

An attorney understands the law because of his experience in defending the cases. A Fulton criminal attorney understands all the procedures from arraignment to sentencing. As soon as you approach him, he will look at the specific case and determine the defense as pertains to criminal statutes. Even after a conviction, the attorney will not give up. He will appeal your case until you have your freedom back.

White collar crimes involve financial fraud that happens with no violence. This is also known as theft. White collar crime lawyer Atlanta handles the following cases:

•  Identity theft to steal finances

•  Embezzlement of funds

•  Computer hacking

•  Tax fraud

•  Forgery

•  Securities fraud

Punishment for these crimes is jail time that is at least ten years. There are cases where racketing is included in the crime. Such a crime leads to a sentence of forty years in prison. If you are facing a white collar crime, you need to hire an attorney. There are cases where innocent people face charges of these crimes. The attorney will ensure dismissal of the case or dropping of the charges. For those who are guilty of the crime, an attorney can play a role in reducing jail time so that you can go on probation.

Criminal cases are unique. Though you could be convicted of a charge, the circumstances might be different leading to a totally different conviction. You therefore need to hire an attorney to assist you with the case.