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I just wanted to express my gratitude for your help and this is coming from the bottom of my heart.

Posted by - Y.S.

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your help and this is coming from the bottom of my heart. From the moment I first spoke to you, I knew things were somehow going to work out and I felt more confident than before. As you know, this was a shocking and upsetting experience for my family, which would’ve been much worse if it had not been for all the advice you’ve given us. I know you’re a busy person, so I appreciate it even more that you always took some time off to answer my MILLION questions – which helped me realize I can rely on this cool Law Dude from Atlanta! With your help and due to God’s grace, all is well now and I’ll recommend you highly.


One Less Thing to Worry About

Posted by C.K.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to help me out. Now its one less thing I have to worry about as my family moves on with our lives.


Thank You For Your Hard Work!

Posted by B.K.

Thank you for all your arguments on my behalf and support. I was very happy with the way you handled my case in court.


One Less Thing to Worry About

Posted by C.A.

Please allow me a moment to express my sincerest appreciation for your counsel and professionalism in my case. Despite much determination on the part of the solicitor and court, Mr. Rayasam was able to minimize the negative impact of this case on my life. In my modest opinion he is a credit to your firm.


You will not find better lawyers

Posted by Matthew, a Criminal Defense client

Mr. Ghanayem and Mr. Rayasam were recommended to me from a friend and that was the best and only decision I had to make regarding my case. They explained each detail of the law, my case and options. After meeting him, I never questioned their advice, knowledge or judgment. It is clear that they are well versed in the law but especially passionate about my well-being and outcome. I was terrified, this being my first offense and facing the federal court on criminal charges. Mr. Rayasam assured me that we would get the best case scenario for my case and he was correct. I pleaded guilty under the first offender act, given probation and the case was ex-sponged after I completed probation. Mr. Ghanayem is a natural with people; from the servers at a restaurant to the judge. He especially cares for his clients and he told me on several occasions to call him anytime. He told me that real life never stops so he cannot either. A few times I took him up on his offer and called him. I was worried and had a million questions that had plagued me throughout the week. He never made me feel as if I was bothering him or that this was not a part of his job. He patiently answered every question and addressed every worry I could think of. Mr. Ghanayem and Mr. Rayasam certainly talked me through my worries and frustrations and as a result I was able to continue to work and attend school with a sense of normalcy. I truly believe that Mr. Ghanayem & Mr. Rayasam care about every one of their clients. The positive outcome of my case was due to their personal attention and hard work. It is obvious they are dedicated to their clients and work for the right reasons; they have made a personal commitment to help people in need to the best of their ability.


Awesome Lawyers

Posted by Vance, a Criminal Defense client

Excellent guys to have on your side. Thank God they were there for me, instead of against me. They did a lot of extra work for my benefit, to insure that I kept my Job, and career. I'm from out of State and they kept me informed weekly of the actions they had taken to resolve my situation. They were able to rush my case to court in order get me back to work. Court day arrived and the outcome was unbelievable due to all the hard work and extra effort. All I can say is "once again" 
Thank You
Thank you for services that you provided on my behalf.


I wouldn't call anyone else!!

Posted by a Divorce client

Ravi and Musa were amazing! Always available to answer questions efficiently and honestly. they gave me all the right advice and I never felt unsecured. They have been recommended to several friends and it has all ended in their favor. The best attorneys I have experienced and I will always use them for future reference.


Best Lawyers in Georgia

Posted by Andrew, a Criminal Defense client

Musa & Ravi helped me tremendously in my criminal case. They are aggressive and determined lawyers who treats his clients like family. They were willingly to meet with me on a Sunday to get my case started, kept me updated daily and was always clear on the direction of my case. I highly recommend Ghanayem &Rayasam  to anyone with legal troubles and would trust Musa & Ravi with my life.


Excellent service

Posted by LYDIA, a Criminal Defense client,

My family hired Ghanayem & Rayasam to represent my daughter, we knew the moment we walked in the office we had made the right choice they are intelligent, professional and knowledgeable, made no promise they did not keep he did what they said they would do and more.  Ghanayem & Rayasam are well respected by their  peers and by our family the service was excellent.


A great man!

Posted by Tammy, a Criminal Defense client

I've never had to hire an attorney for anything other than a divorce. I felt like I was lost at sea, until I spoke to Mr. Ghanayem. He was kind and professional every time I spoke with him. I never doubted his abilty to get the best results possible. I was not dissapointed. Everything he set out to do, was successful. There were s few flies in the ointment along the way, but Mr. Ghanayem charged through to the end. The case was dismissed.


Minimized negative impact

Posted by C.H.a Criminal Defense client

Please allow me a moment to express my sincerest appreciation for your counsel and your professionalism in my case. Despite much determination on the part of the [Prosecutor and Court], Mr. Rayasam was able to minimize the negative impact of this crime on my life, as well as maintain my drivers license, a key part of my well-being and livelihood. All of this I say to his credit and to the credit of the firm.


Handled Case Fantastically

Posted by a Criminal Defense client

In 2012 I was arrested for alleged check fraud. I had never been in any trouble before so this was a complete surprise. The check was from 2005 for about $25, must have bounced without my realization. Mr. Ghanayem informed me repeatedly that the charge would probably be thrown out, but I was still nervous. He handled the case as if it were a big time case, even though it was probably much smaller than what he's used to handling. He presented the case to the judge and even found out some information regarding having records cleared that the judge wasn't yet aware of. As Mr. Ghanayem predicted the case was thrown out. I definitely felt more secure having Mr. Ghanayem in my corner and was very pleased with the outcome.


Willing to spend so much time and effort

Posted by D.N

Thank you So much for your help. I really appreciated it! It especially meant a lot because you were willing to spend so much time and effort helping me. 


Mr. Dissect the law with facts!!!!

Posted by CM, an Appeals client,

My name is CM and I am a law enforcement officer from a west coast state that recently moved to Ga. I was convicted on a minor charge many years ago and was denied my certification to practice law enforcement in Georgia. Although I met all of the requirement the council voted no. Mr. G retained my case and appeared at my hearing and provided the state with what the law that "THEY" wrote requiring me to NOT be denied. It was hasty and from open to close was under 30 days. He is a high profile lawyer that doesnt try to take advantage of the blue collar man wallet. He is also very thorough and it was like conversating with a good friend who actually was concerned. I would of paid him double for what he did for my family and career and these review comments are cndid coming from me.


Overallthe Best

Posted by TiQuonda

Mr Musa is a very prominent lawyer. Very knowledgeable and intellingent. I am honor to have him representating me in my case. My family couldnt have pick a better lawyer for me.


Guided me through legal mess

Posted by a B.T.

I couldn't believe the situation I was in. It seemed impossible, and too big for me to handle alone. I didn't even know where to begin. Looking back on it, I can't imagine what I would have done if I hadn't contacted the Rayasam Firm when I did. They guided me through the legal mess I was in, and always looked out for my best interest, even when I know it would have been easier and more profitable to guide me down another path. I would recommend them to anyone in need of an attorney.


True Professional

Posted by a Criminal Defense client

I hired Musa to represent my grandson and from start to finish I knew I made the right choice. I live in NY and knew of Musa's excellent work here and I had heard the same was true of his work in GA. I saw for myself that his stellar reputation was well-earned. He is a true professional. He knows the law but as a former GA prosecutor, he really knew how to apply the law to my grandson's defense. He kept me informed and made me feel as if this was his most important case even though we weren't one of his high profile clients. When you have a loved one in an intimidating legal situation and you need justice you only want the best. Hire Musa, he is the best!


Want a professional?  Choose Musa!

Posted by a DUI client

I was very impressed with the professionalism I received from Musa Ghanayem today during our consultation. I am looking forward to working with him and his team with my case. I would recommend to my closest family members and friends.


Integrity under trying circumstances

Posted by a Criminal Defense client

The integrity displayed by the members of the Rayasam law firm has been reassuring, and admirable, especially under some very trying circumstances.


Expedient Professional Care

Posted by Dyantha

Musa is top notch professional. As ethics go, he responds to your matters like it MATTERS!! I was out of state and needed professional legal counsel and his expertise was there to put my mind at ease. He wasn't able to represent me however; he did offer advice and refer me to an excellent attorney that was able to show up on my behalf. Also, I referred him to a friend that was scheduled to stand trial and he called back immediately while my friend was actually in court without counsel!! He had no idea who I was when I reached out to him via a BLIND text message. I am thoroughly pleased with his services thus far. Hopefully, I personally, will never need a defense attorney, but if I do I have programmed his number into my cell. :-)


Happy with court presentation

Posted by B.K  a Criminal Defense client

Thanks for all your support. I was very happy with the way you presented my case in court.


Musa is the BEST!

Posted by Loren

I have worked with Musa on a number of occasions-- I get very overwhelmed making decisions that involve legalese, and Musa has been a lifesaver! He was incredibly dedicated to my concerns, helped me understand all the options in a clear, accessible manner, and has always been incredibly well-informed and trustworthy. I would highly recommend him-- if you want to feel well protected and strongly represented, Musa is your man.

Motivated, Driven and Hard Working to achieve justice.

Posted by Jonathan a Criminal Defense Client

My court appointed attorney was of little help to me in my situation. When I came in contact with Musa, I was relieved after our first conversation. He was a wealth of knowledge that clarified many things about GA state law and how it applied to my case. We worked through a complicated situation and Musa was extremely informative, helpful and encouraging. My path crossed with Musa for a reason and I would recommend Musa to anyone as I am confident that Musa is one of the best at his job!


Best Lawyer in Atlanta

Posted by Nick, a Speeding Ticket client

When I got arrested the first person I called was Musa. Musa is available to his clients any day at any time, even on holidays and weekends. Musa truly cares about his clients and their well-being. I am lucky to have known Musa the past 10 years and have gotten to know him very well. He is the consummate professional and can provide expert legal advice. I would definitely recommend Musa Ghanayem to anyone who needs a lawyer.


The Attorney Who knows how to win.

Posted by CHUCK, a Criminal Defense client

This lawyer not only took the case but submerged himself in it fully. He was very clear in the explanation of all the charges and possible outcomes. He maintained close contact with client and family members involved. This Attorney gives 110% I am currently in a legal battle and very lucky to have him on our case.


Musa is the MAN!

Posted by James, a Criminal Defense client

Musa was in constant communication with me. He would send me all of my documents, bring me into the office and go over everything. He always responded to my calls within hours, even on weekends. I truly didn't expect that someone would take his clients concerns so seriously as if they were his own problems. I've only been in trouble once before and he was recommended to me by someone who had great success with him, my other lawyer didn't even remember my name Musa came to visit me on eastersunday at the jail! he said he wanted to go over some papers and thought I might like some company on easter. His advice and counselling were the best, I hope I never need him again but I know who my family lawyer is for life!


I highly recommend Musa Ghanayem

Posted by a Criminal Defense client

Mr. Ghanayem recently assisted a family member in his criminal case. He was knowledgeable, thorough and passionate about helping our family in this tough situation. We had a very challenging case that went all the way to trial and Musa's careful attention to detail and confidence surpassed anything we had witnessed in the past. He is very educated and dependable and we highly recommend his services. He is worth every penny.


Excellent Criminal Defense Attorney

Posted by Katherine, a Criminal Defense client

I recommend Musa Ghanayem.  Musa is an excellent attorney with over ten years of experience in the area of criminal law. He is licensed in both Georgia and New York. In 2010, I began my legal career and worked with Musa. I witnessed him conduct numerous jury trials. He is intelligent, hardworking, and professional. He is dedicated to the practice of law and the defense of his clients. Finally, he is an excellent mentor and I highly recommend contacting him for legal services.