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Obstruction of Justice

To prevent a criminal conviction for obstruction of justice and the penalties associated with these charges, get our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys on your side.

The topic of obstruction of justice has made national news. While coverage focuses on complex federal charges regarding high ranking officials, these are charges everyday citizens in Georgia can end up facing, as well. They involve hindering the duties of law enforcement and other public safety officials and can result in serious criminal penalties. At Ghanayem & Rayasam, our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys provide the tough, tenacious legal representation you need in these situations to avoid a conviction and a criminal record.

Georgia Laws Concerning Obstruction of Justice

Under Chapter 10 of the Georgia Code, obstruction of justice involving hindering public administration and the duties of workers or officials designated with different tasks. It involves crimes such as the following:

These are all serious criminal charges. In the interest of maintaining public order, they tend to be dealt with severely by the courts. To protect yourself against penalties that could include heavy fines and a jail sentence, you need our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys on your side.

Misdemeanor and Felony Obstruction of Justice in Georgia

Under Georgia crime severity guidelines, obstruction of justice may be charged as a misdemeanor crime. These charges include fines of up to $1,000 and up to a year in jail.

In more serious cases, such as when you are accused of threatening or committing a violent act against an officer, obstruction of justice may be charged as a felony crime. This involves additional fines and court costs, as well as a potential prison sentence of up to five years. These charges will also remain on your criminal record. This could impact your ability to obtain a job, housing, to hold government office, as well as your voting and gun ownership rights.

To prevent these types of penalties, get our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys fighting on your behalf. Efforts we can take include:

Get Our Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorneys on Your Side

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