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Georgia Bank Fraud Attorneys

Bank fraud covers a large category of crimes, all of which are serious in the state of Georgia.

Bank fraud is taken seriously in Georgia and throughout the rest of the country. Bank fraud actually encompasses a number of different crimes, and all are viewed as being serious. If you are facing charges, you are vulnerable. Anything you say can be taken out of context by the prosecution and used against you. Speaking to a Georgia bank fraud attorney can help protect you against attacks on your freedom and your character. An attorney will also ensure your rights are protected, as overzealous prosecutors often overlook your rights to secure a conviction. If you are facing charges, do not wait another minute to speak to an attorney who can help.

Types of Bank Fraud

Bank fraud is a large category that represents a number of different crimes. The most common types of bank fraud include:

Bank fraud can either be committed by bank employees or other individuals. For example, a bank employee may create a demand draft letter while another individual may deposit an empty ATM envelope into a bank machine.

Penalties for Bank Fraud

The penalties for bank fraud vary depending on the type of fraud that was committed. For example, using a bank card in an illegal manner carries penalties of one to two years in prison, and a maximum fine of $1,000. On the other hand, penalties for identity fraud in Georgia include one to 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $100,000.

No matter the charge, anyone convicted of bank fraud faces serious penalties, not the least of which is a permanent criminal record. While it seems hopeless at the time of being accused, there are defenses to these crimes.

Defenses to Bank Fraud

In order for a person to be charged with bank fraud, the prosecution generally has to show there was an intent to commit a crime. For example, if a bank worker made a mistake in the accounting records, but did not intend to defraud the bank, this does not constitute fraud.

There are also general defenses in Georgia that can be used for many crimes. These include mistaken identity, which are best proven when the defendant has an alibi or can prove they were somewhere else at the time.

In order to secure a conviction, the prosecution must also present sufficient evidence that the crime occurred. When they fail to do so, they do not prove a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and so, this can provide a defense.

Been Charged with Bank Fraud? Call Our Georgia Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you have been charged with bank fraud, it is essential that you speak with an Atlanta criminal defense attorney. At Ghanayem & Rayasam, we know the many different bank fraud charges a person can face, and we also know how to build a defense for all of them. We will ensure your rights are protected at all times and give you the best possible chance of success. If you have been accused, contact us today so we can get to work on your case.