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Atlanta Shoplifting Lawyer

In Georgia, Shoplifting is an offense which involves a theft from a retail establishment. If the items at issue are worth more than $300 or involve a fourth or subsequent conviction, then the State has the option of prosecuting the case as a felony. There is no minimum amount for a Shoplifting offense. Our firm has even represented teenagers who were arrested and prosecuted for stealing candy!

In recent years, Ghanayem and Rayasam have observed that companies are more aggressively prosecuting their customers for Shoplifting. Unfortunately, such aggressive prosecution can threaten the rights of the innocent. We have seen many situations in which store security have forcibly arrested customers based on nothing more than an innocent misunderstanding. Store security personnel will hold these customers against their will in a store detention facility and use force and threats to get them to sign paperwork acknowledging their guilt. Store security officers will even lie to their customers by telling them they will not prosecute if they admit their guilt – and then call the police anyway!

If you or a loved one is ever accused of committing a Shoplifting crime in Atlanta, then you need to take the following actions.

  • Do not acknowledge any wrongdoing. Ignore the store security officer who tells you that they will not call the police if you just admit guilt. They are telling lies in order to obtain evidence which will be used against you at trial.
  • Do not sign anything or pay any money for civil restitution. Store security will lead you to believe that by paying civil restitution, you will help your criminal case. Again, this is a lie designed to obtain evidence which will be used against you at a criminal trial. Resist their shakedown efforts to get you to pay them money.
  • Take notes of all the persons you interact with. If you are wrongfully detained, then you may have a lawsuit against the store for unlawful arrest and kidnapping. If you have witnesses to a store’s unlawful actions, then this may help your criminal and civil case.
  • Hire experienced lawyers that can assist you in this difficult time. Do not represent yourself for this or any other crime for which you have been arrested. In Georgia, a Shoplifting conviction can remain on your criminal history for life and cannot be expunged. Even though Shoplifting is generally a less serious crime than other offenses, the consequences of an arrest or prosecution may affect you for life. If you have been arrested for Shoplifting, then call the experienced attorneys at Ghanayem and Rayasam in order to protect your rights and to aggressively defend your case.

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