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When it comes to laws regulating internet sex crimes, Georgia's are some of the harshest in the nation. Because no one state has jurisdiction over internet activities, internet sex crimes are prosecuted as both state and federal crimes, which means double the penalties. Convicted parties face court fines, imprisonment, or both. Immediate consequences are nothing compared to the long-term consequences of a conviction, however, which may entail having to register as a sex offender, being ostracized from community and family, and inability to obtain gainful employment.

If you are under investigation for an internet sex crime, or if you have been charged with an internet sex crime, it is crucial that you retain the help of an aggressive criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The longer you have to build a viable defense, the better your odds of preventing irreparable damage to your career, your family, your reputation, and your future. Call Ghanayem & Rayasam today to learn more about how we can help you.

Common Types of Internet Sex Crimes

With the internet as it is today, sex crimes are not only possible to commit over the internet – they are also plentiful. Below are just five of the most common types of internet sex crimes of which one can be found guilty:

Sextortion: Sextortion refers to the crime of using one's personal information to extort nude images and sexual favors via the internet. Sadly, perpetrators often target children.

Sexting with a Minor: Sexting has been a major issue in the past and continues to be a major concern for law enforcement today, especially when minors are involved. If one is caught sexting or sending nudes or sexually explicit images to a minor or vice versa, one could be charged with child pornography.

Importuning Solicitation: Importuning solicitation refers to the attempt by an adult individual to engage a minor in sexual activity of some type. If the attempt includes an offer for money in exchange for sexual pleasure, the adult individual may be charged with solicitation as well. Both importuning and solicitation are felony charges.

Possession of Child Pornography: If a person downloads, looks at, or has in his or her digital possession images, videos, or computer generated images of an individual younger than 18 years of age that is "sufficiently sexually suggestive," that person can be charged with child pornography and subject to the relevant consequences.

Charges for Internet Sex Crimes in Georgia

Federal law almost always applies in cases involving internet sex crimes, so it is difficult to say exactly what consequences one might face if convicted without going into extensive detail. That said, we can inform you of Georgia's punishments for some of the most common sex crimes. Per 16-12-100.2, if an individual partakes in an internet sex crime of approaching or soliciting a minor via the internet for sexual purposes, he or she may be convicted of a felony and be sentenced to no less than one year and no more than 20 years in prison and a $25,000 penalty. Under the same code, if an individual communicates with a minor or a person he or she assumes to be a minor via the web regarding sexual matters, he or she also faces felony charges, and a minimum sentence of one year to a maximum sentence of 10 years. He or she may also have to pay a penalty of up to $10,000. It is important to note that a minor can be convicted of a sex crime in Georgia as well, depending on the age gap between the parties.

An Experienced Sex Crimes Lawyer is Prepared to Defend Your Reputation

If you were charged with an internet sex crime in Georgia, your future and reputation may be at stake. You can protect both by contacting an aggressive and knowledgeable Georgia internet sex crimes attorney as soon as you learn of the charges. Call Ghanayem & Rayasam to schedule an initial consultation, or contact us via our online contact form today.