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Federal Criminal Lawyer Atlanta

Being charged with a federal crime is often unexpected and overwhelming. Federal crimes carry heavy penalties, including jail time in federal penitentiaries and heavy fines. Federal crimes also require specialized representation. If you have been charged with a federal crime, the first thing you need to do is talk to a Federal criminal lawyer. The sooner you consult with an attorney, the sooner they can start helping you to overcome the charges that you are facing.

What is a Federal Crime?

Federal crimes cover many violations that can occur for many reasons. A crime may be charged as a federal crime if it occurs on federal property, if the crime occurs in more than one state or across state lines, if it is committed against a federal official, or if it utilizes some means of U.S. interstate commerce. Some examples of federal crimes include theft, fraud, bribery, embezzlement, money laundering, tampering with U.S. mail, white-collar-crime, counterfeiting, sexual abuse crimes, firearms offenses, major drug crimes, murder, manslaughter, homicide, child pornography crimes, kidnapping, assault, robbery, computer crimes, import, expert crimes, arson, bombing, terrorism, immigration crimes, espionage, treason, and counterintelligence. If you are unsure whether you are being charged with a state or federal crime, it is important to consult with an attorney to get clarity on the charges that you are facing and how best to approach them legally.

Who Prosecutes Federal Crimes?

Federal crimes are prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and are investigated by powerful agencies, including the FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the IRS, Federal Drug Administration (FDA), and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). If you have been notified that there are federal criminal charges against you, it may feel like the beginning of a tornado that is ripping your life apart. Having a dedicated attorney on your side can make all the difference when it comes to weathering the storm.

How Our Attorneys Can Help in a Federal Criminal Case

You will receive a notice regarding your charges informing you of your court date and where and when to appear. It will be essential to contact an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you understand the charges against you and will be prepared with legal representation when you appear in court. The U.S. Attorney’s Office will bring the charges, and your attorney will defend you against them.

In some cases, your attorney may be able to negotiate a deal with the U.S. Attorney on your behalf, which will allow you to plead guilty or no-contest to a lesser offense in order to avoid more severe charges or harsher penalties. This is known as a plea bargain. In some cases, your attorney may even be able to get the charges against you dropped. This may be the case if procedural errors were made in your arrest or in the processing of the evidence that gave rise to your arrest. If you have questions about how a federal criminal defense attorney can help you and whether it is worth the investment to retain a federal criminal defense attorney for your case, talk to a lawyer.

Is it Possible to Get Federal Criminal Charges Dropped?

In many cases, your attorney can demonstrate to the prosecution that your rights were violated during your arrest. Your lawyer may present exculpatory evidence that strongly contradicts the narrative being put forth by the prosecution. In some cases, the charges against you will be dropped by the U.S. Attorney. In addition, your attorney can carefully review your case record and all of the evidence against you. It is possible that there have been gaps or errors made with regard to the chain of custody of any evidence in your case. If this is true, that evidence is unlikely to be reliable to the court, and the case may not be able to proceed.

The best way to know what defenses or legal strategies are available to you is to schedule a consultation with our attorneys so that they can provide personalized feedback on your case. Our lawyers are experienced in handling criminal cases and in winning them. Our clients come first, and we bring all of our experience and resources to the table when it comes to fighting for the best possible outcome in your case. We will go head-to-head with the U.S. Attorney on your behalf. You may be facing federal criminal charges, but you do not have to fight this battle alone. Our lawyers are powerful allies and advocates, and we will help you win.

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