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White Collar Crime Lawyer Atlanta

The phrase White Collar Crime covers a variety of offenses under Georgia and Federal law.  A “White Collar Crime” typically involves an alleged financial fraud or theft perpetrated in a non-violent manner.  Examples of such crimes include embezzlement, financial identity theft, computer hacking, bribery, tax fraud, securities, forgery and fraud, among other crimes.

The punishment for White Collar Crimes can be very severe.  Don’t be fooled by television sitcoms which show persons convicted of White Collar Crimes being sent to “country club prisons.”  In reality, there are no such prisons in the United States.  A person convicted of a White Collar Crime will be more likely to be housed with violent, predatory offenders in a dark and foreboding prison rather than playing tennis with their banker friends, despite what Hollywood would have you believe.  It is not unusual for persons convicted of White Collar Crimes to receive sentences of 10 or more years in length, even for those offenses which involve relatively minor sums of money. If a RICO (Racketering) charge is included in the prosecution, then a defendant may be looking at a potential sentence of 40 years in prison if they are convicted.  As far as the criminal justice system is concerned, White Collar Crime is treated the same as any other serious crime in the United States and Georgia.   

If you or a loved one is facing a prosecution for a white collar crime in Atlanta, then you need to call the white collar crime lawyer at Ghanayem & Rayasam. We will explore all of your defenses and work with you to craft the best legal strategy for your individual case. We have seen numerous instances where innocent people were charged with White Collar Crimes in which they had no involvement.  In many of these instances, we have been successful in getting the charges against them dismissed, and in some case have even prevented the charges from being brought in the first place.  In other situations, we have worked to reduce the severity of the punishment so that our clients will receive probation rather than prison.  In all of our cases, we are dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for our clients.

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