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2020 Archives

Georgia Law on Police and Deadly Force

Georgia law allows a person, including a police officer to use deadly force only if the officer reasonably believes that doing so is the only way to prevent death or serious injury to the officer or to third parties.

What is Georgia's Proposed Police Protection Bill HB 838?

The bill treats crimes targeting law enforcement officers for harassment and violence similarly to hate crimes, but some critics of the proposed legislation say that police already have enough legal protections.

Possession of Certain Types of Marijuana Products is a Felony in GA

Possession of any amount of a high-THC cannabis concentrate, such as hash or shatter, is a felony in Georgia, and so is possession of large quantities of marijuana flowers.

Do I Have the Legal Right to Defend Myself Against a Police Officer?

You have the right to defend yourself against physical attacks, but resisting arrest is a crime, so if a police officer threatens or bullies you, the place to defend yourself is in the courtroom, not with your fists.

What Will Happen if Georgia Repeals its Citizen’s Arrest Law?

Critics argue that the law violates the right to due process and that it has been used as a catch-all excuse for violence against Black people, but if Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law is repealed, you will still have the right to temporarily detain a person if you catch him or her in the act of stealing from your home, vehicle, or business.

Can I Get Charged for Overdosing in Georgia?

Georgia law protects you from criminal penalties if you seek medical help for a drug overdose. Opioid drug overdoses are reversible.

Will I be Reimbursed After a Canine Search if Nothing is Found?

Some plaintiffs have successfully sued police departments for damages after a destructive search that did not yield any illegal items, but these cases are hard to win unless you have a lawyer.

Reckless Conduct During COVID-19 is a Huge Crime

Georgia police have been using the “reckless conduct” charge in an increasing number of coronavirus-related incidents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is it Illegal to Wear a Face Mask in Georgia During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Are you breaking the law by wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic? Is it actually illegal to appear in public wearing a face mask in Georgia? Up until recently, yes, it was actually against the law to wear a mask in public, though many were not aware of this.

Intentional Spread of COVID-19 Has Bumped to Terrorist Action

U.S. Department of Justice warned that individuals who intentionally spread COVID-19 or threaten to do so could face terrorism charges. CNN cited a DOJ memorandum, in which the department warned Americans against purposefully spreading the deadly virus or threatening to transmit the disease.

Domestic Abuse Victims at Risk During Virus Outbreak

Victims of domestic abuse have found themselves trapped at home with their abusers during Georgia’s shelter-in-place order. While domestic violence survivors are at a higher risk for re-assault during the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia’s courts have dramatically reduced the number of restraining orders they are processing.

Is It a Crime to Infect Another Person With Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Countries around the globe are adopting harsh measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which has killed nearly 15,000 worldwide as of March 22.

Car Break-ins on the Rise in Atlanta: How are Offenders Punished?

Atlanta has seen a 22% increase in thefts from autos and car break-ins so far this year. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Atlanta Police Department is investigating about 200 cases of larceny from vehicles each week.

Access to Marijuana Conviction Records Limited

As an ongoing attempt to reform the criminal justice system, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced at the end of December 2019 that she was going to start limiting access to records involving low level marijuana offenses.

No More Police Chases in Atlanta

Recently, Atlanta police chief Erika Shields announced that law enforcement officers in the city would no longer chase people if they drove away in a vehicle.