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Expungement Attorneys in Atlanta Georgia

For those who are facing the problems like legally destroying, striking out records, obliterating, and information of files, computers and other similar depositories related to criminal charges, they have now better opportunities to defend against legal matter with the help of right solutions offered by Mr. Ravi Rayasam, Musa M Ghanayem. Such issues can raise their ugly heads anytime and push you in troubles. However, according to laws and acts, a person who can show his/her records that are inaccurate or incomplete are eligible for and Expungement in Georgia. Apart from this, people are also eligible for Expungement in Georgia if they are with no conviction because charges disposed of or dismissed. 

A person with no charges pending and has not been convicted of anything in the U.S. in last five years, excluding incarceration time is also eligible for Expungement. Apart from this, a juvenile if an appeal contends delinquency is not filled or at the same time the proceedings are dismissed after the petition is filled, and the victim is eligible for Expungement in Georgia. Last but not the least, people whose case is transferred to the juvenile court as endowed in Code Section 15-11-30.4 or the child is adjudicated not be a delinquent child are also eligible for Expungement in Georgia

However, there are also some different conditions in which your records cannot be expunged and at the same time you may also be eligible for a pardon. In case, the pardon is granted, it is then placed on criminal records of the victim. Apart from this, the pardon is to help you prevent crime from being held. For state of Georgia convictions, the state can only grant a pardon. However, it is also a condition that the federal charges or other convictions from other states cannot be pardoned by Georgia. 

When it comes to qualify for pardon when you are not eligible for an expungement, you are advised to contact to Ghanayem & Rayasam, LLC operated by Mr. Ravi Rayasam and Musa M Ghanayem. According to these two experts, you must have completed all your sentences at least five years ago. Apart from this, you must have lived a law-abiding life for at least five years, no other criminal charges pending, no unpaid fines and the list goes on.