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Possession of Child Pornography in Georgia

Our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys provide the aggressive legal representation you need when facing child pornography charges.

Few crimes raise as much public consternation as those involving children. In addition to the serious criminal penalties you face if convicted on child pornography charges, your reputation suffers permanent damage within the community and you could be required to register as a sex offender, which can impact your rights regarding your family and jeopardize your ability to obtain a job or housing. At Ghanayem & Rayasam, we provide the experienced legal representation you need to defend yourself in these situations. As experienced Atlanta child pornography defense attorneys, our award winning, nationally recognized legal team can build a strong defense in your criminal case.

Child Pornography Charges in Georgia

Criminal offenses related to children are listed under Section 16-12-100 of the Georgia Code. Child pornography charges involve anyone who knowingly create, reproduces, publishes, promotes, sells, distributes, gives, or otherwise possesses any visual medium that depicts a minor’s body or the minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct. This is a very serious matter that puts you at risk of harsh criminal penalties while exposing you to fierce public backlash, impacting your relationship with family, employers, and others within your community.

At Ghanayem & Rayasam, we act as a strong legal ally on your side in these situations, helping to defend your rights, your freedoms, and your reputation. Our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys understand how much is on the line in these types of cases, and we provide the trusted legal guidance needed to defend you against possession of child pornography charges and related offenses. These may include:

● Sexual exploitation of children

● Manufacturing child pornography;

● Distribution and trafficking;

● Internet crimes, such as online file sharing or visiting illicit websites and chat rooms.

Get the Strong Legal Defense Needed

A conviction on possession of child pornography and related charges could put you at risk for heavy fines, mandatory counseling and treatment, payment of restitution to victims, and a lengthy jail sentence. It will also result in a permanent criminal record, which will follow you the rest of your life, impacting your ability to obtain jobs, housing, and certain types of benefits, while requiring mandatory inclusion on the Georgia Sex Offender Registry.

To protect you against these severe ramifications, get our experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorneys on your side. Ways in which we can defend you include:

● Reviewing the charges against you and the circumstances surrounding your arrest;

● Initiating our own investigation, gathering evidence of your innocence;

● Negotiating with prosecuting attorneys to avoid a public trial;

● Aggressively defending you in front of a judge and jury;

● Appealing your case and arguing for alternative sentencing in the event of a conviction.

Our Atlanta Child Pornography Attorneys are Here to Help

At Ghanayem & Rayasam, we understand how overwhelming it is to face any type of criminal charges involving children. Get our award winning team acting as a strong legal advocate on your behalf. Contact our Atlanta child pornography attorneys today and request a consultation to discuss how we can help you.