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What is SB 288 and How Does it Affect My Record?

If you plead guilty to a crime and avoid jail time, you have avoided the worst-case scenario in the short term; you do not have to worry about bullying by fellow inmates or abuse by guards, and you do not have to wait until your sentence is over to eat home-cooked meals or your favorite convenience store snacks.

New Georgia Law Cracking Down on Street Racers

Until recently, driving at excessive speeds could only get you a traffic ticket, unless you caused an accident or injured someone.

What Changes Assault to Aggravated Assault?

Assault is an attempt to cause bodily harm; if the victim could have a reasonable fear that the defendant’s actions would kill the victim, such as if the defendant was using a deadly weapon, then the charges are for aggravated assault.

Is Tax Evasion a Felony or a Misdemeanor?

Whether tax evasion is a misdemeanor or a felony depends on the amount of money you would have owed if you had filed a correctly completed income tax return; you can get felony charges if the amount is more than $3,000.

The Difference Between Voluntary and Involuntary Manslaughter

Voluntary manslaughter means killing someone intentionally, although the killing was not premeditated

How Long Does it Take to Get a Criminal Record Expunged?

For arrests that happened after July 1, 2013, many criminal records automatically get restricted (formerly known as expungement) after anywhere from two to seven years.

What Does a White-Collar Crime Lawyer Do?

A white-collar crime lawyer helps you exercise your constitutional rights when you face criminal charges for insider trading, embezzlement, money laundering, identity fraud, or any other financial crime.

What is Defined as a White-Collar Crime?

White-collar crimes are financial crimes that often involve a detailed plan to deceive the victims; the penalties vary according to the complexity of the crime and the amount stolen.

Is CBD Oil Legal in GA?

According to Georgia law, you may possess up to 20 fluid ounces of CBD oil, but only if you have a qualifying medical condition, and only if the THC content of the oil is less than 0.3%.

Do People Get Jail Time for Tax Fraud?

It is possible to get jail time for tax fraud, even when it is charged as a misdemeanor, but in practice, most people sentenced to incarceration for tax-related crimes have been convicted of lying to the IRS about large sums of money.

Is it Obstruction Against a Police Officer or Obstruction of Justice?

For a while in Georgia, criminal cases were put on hold. The courts closed down, and any necessary actions were undertaken online - a process that was critiqued.

Georgia Jury Trials to Resume: How Is Your Case Affected?

For a while in Georgia, criminal cases were put on hold. The courts closed down, and any necessary actions were undertaken online - a process that was critiqued.

GA to Crack Down on COVID-19 Scams

The threat of being exposed to the coronavirus and contracting COVID-19 is very real. It is also scary; there have been nearly a million deaths from the disease worldwide and many of those who have contracted the disease and survived are still suffering complications.

State Troopers Sometimes Conduct Illegal Searches: Were You a Victim?

Making routine traffic stops when drivers are performing illegal maneuvers is part of a police officer’s job. As part of those routine stops, a police officer may have cause to conduct a vehicle search.

Georgia Law on Police and Deadly Force

Georgia law allows a person, including a police officer to use deadly force only if the officer reasonably believes that doing so is the only way to prevent death or serious injury to the officer or to third parties.

What is Georgia's Proposed Police Protection Bill HB 838?

The bill treats crimes targeting law enforcement officers for harassment and violence similarly to hate crimes, but some critics of the proposed legislation say that police already have enough legal protections.

Possession of Certain Types of Marijuana Products is a Felony in GA

Possession of any amount of a high-THC cannabis concentrate, such as hash or shatter, is a felony in Georgia, and so is possession of large quantities of marijuana flowers.

Do I Have the Legal Right to Defend Myself Against a Police Officer?

You have the right to defend yourself against physical attacks, but resisting arrest is a crime, so if a police officer threatens or bullies you, the place to defend yourself is in the courtroom, not with your fists.

What Will Happen if Georgia Repeals its Citizen’s Arrest Law?

Critics argue that the law violates the right to due process and that it has been used as a catch-all excuse for violence against Black people, but if Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law is repealed, you will still have the right to temporarily detain a person if you catch him or her in the act of stealing from your home, vehicle, or business.

Can I Get Charged for Overdosing in Georgia?

Georgia law protects you from criminal penalties if you seek medical help for a drug overdose. Opioid drug overdoses are reversible.

Will I be Reimbursed After a Canine Search if Nothing is Found?

Some plaintiffs have successfully sued police departments for damages after a destructive search that did not yield any illegal items, but these cases are hard to win unless you have a lawyer.

Reckless Conduct During COVID-19 is a Huge Crime

Georgia police have been using the “reckless conduct” charge in an increasing number of coronavirus-related incidents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is it Illegal to Wear a Face Mask in Georgia During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Are you breaking the law by wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic? Is it actually illegal to appear in public wearing a face mask in Georgia? Up until recently, yes, it was actually against the law to wear a mask in public, though many were not aware of this.

Intentional Spread of COVID-19 Has Bumped to Terrorist Action

U.S. Department of Justice warned that individuals who intentionally spread COVID-19 or threaten to do so could face terrorism charges. CNN cited a DOJ memorandum, in which the department warned Americans against purposefully spreading the deadly virus or threatening to transmit the disease.

Domestic Abuse Victims at Risk During Virus Outbreak

Victims of domestic abuse have found themselves trapped at home with their abusers during Georgia’s shelter-in-place order. While domestic violence survivors are at a higher risk for re-assault during the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia’s courts have dramatically reduced the number of restraining orders they are processing.

Is It a Crime to Infect Another Person With Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Countries around the globe are adopting harsh measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which has killed nearly 15,000 worldwide as of March 22.

Car Break-ins on the Rise in Atlanta: How are Offenders Punished?

Atlanta has seen a 22% increase in thefts from autos and car break-ins so far this year. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Atlanta Police Department is investigating about 200 cases of larceny from vehicles each week.

Access to Marijuana Conviction Records Limited

As an ongoing attempt to reform the criminal justice system, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced at the end of December 2019 that she was going to start limiting access to records involving low level marijuana offenses.

No More Police Chases in Atlanta

Recently, Atlanta police chief Erika Shields announced that law enforcement officers in the city would no longer chase people if they drove away in a vehicle.

Non-Consensual Porn (NCP) Claims More Victims and Prompts Calls for Stricter Laws

Non-consensual porn (NCP), otherwise known as ‘revenge porn’, involves sharing intimate images online without the other party’s consent. In addition to causing major damage to the victim’s relationships and their professional reputation, the public humiliation and violation of their privacy can threaten their physical and emotional health. Unfortunately, once these images are online, they are impossible to completely erase.

Is Sex With an STD a Crime?

Since the HIV and AIDS epidemic erupted over 30 years ago, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the virus and the disease. Many states have enacted laws that make it a crime for someone to transfer a sexually transmitted disease to another person, such as through sexual intercourse.

Were You a Victim of Extortion?

If you have been the victim of extortion, you have likely suddenly found yourself in a situation in which you never thought you would be. Our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys are here to help.

What is Going on with Lindsie Chrisley Case?

Todd Chrisley finds himself in another legal battle and this time, it is with his daughter, Lindsie Chrisley. Lindsie has attempted to bring charges against Todd and her brother, Chase, stating the two have attempted to extort her.

Another City May Follow Clarkston County’s Stance on Decriminalizing Marijuana

As many states around the country have started to relax their laws on marijuana as early as 2012, Georgia seemed to hold firm in its prohibition. However, over recent years, more and more counties within the state have started to also relax their laws.

Does Georgia have a “Plain Smell” Law?

While the Fourth Amendment protects all Americans from an unlawful search and seizure, there are instances in which law enforcement can search a person or vehicle without first obtaining a warrant.

Can I Fly With CBD Oil?

The legal status of marijuana varies from state to state. This creates confusion over what is legal and what is not. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance derived from the cannabis plant. It is hailed by medical professionals as being able to treat pain, inflammation, and other symptoms of potentially serious health conditions.

Georgia Law Enforcement Using Tag Readers to Catch Criminals

As Georgia’s crime rate continues to surge above national averages, law enforcement officials in Atlanta and throughout the state have gotten more aggressive in apprehending offenders. Police in Fulton County and other communities are increasingly relying on digital technology to supplement their own investigative efforts.

The Difference Between Human Trafficking and Prostitution

Prostitution is rampant in Georgia and throughout the United States. When it involves two consenting adults, the fact that it is a business transaction and money is exchanged between them makes prostitution illegal. Human trafficking is a more serious category of sex crime, as it forces and coerces women and children to engage in these activities against their will.

Do Criminal Charges Impact Your Driving Privileges?

For most people, having a valid driver's license plays a vital role in every area of life. It enables you to work, go to school, run important errands, and take care of family members and friends.

Are Hash Oils, Marijuana Oils, and Marijuana Edibles Illegal in Georgia?

More and more states are legalizing marijuana for medical use. A few have gone so far as to make it legal for recreational use, as well. However, Georgia has some of the strictest laws in the country when it comes to marijuana.

What is Marsy's Law?

As of 2018, there are more than 20 individual rights spelled out in the U.S. Constitution that protect criminals, while there are zero that protect the rights of crime victims and their family members. Every state constitution also defines protections to which criminals are entitled, while nearly a third still define zero rights for victims.

Here Cobb Criminal Lawyers Are Making A Difference

With an ever-growing crime rate, more and more people require the services of a lawyer these days. A good lawyer is essential when you are in the middle of a case where everything it is at stake.

How Atlanta Criminal Attorney Known as the Emblem of Victory?

Success or can say victory in any race comes when you put your best leg forward. This is exactly what Atlanta criminal attorney widely known in the society.

Ghanayem & Rayasam- Offers the Services of the Best Atlanta Criminal Lawyer

The world is witnessing an ever-growing crime rate and the law and order department is geared to take criminals off the road. But while doing so, many times innocent people get caught in the frenzy and get embroiled in a criminal case where they are not at all guilty.

Criminal Lawyer and Expungement Specialist in Atlanta

Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, houses some of the best Criminal Lawyers.

Elect Expert Online Law firm in Atlanta to Save Time and Money

In this time and day, there are thousands of law firms which have adopted the technological way of settling disputes. The best part is, this technology is the gateway to a win-win situation.

Know Everything about A Cobb Criminal Attorney

Have you ever been accused of a crime? In Cobb County, people are accused, suspected or charged with different crimes every single day.

Services of Best Gwinnett Criminal Lawyer

A majority of the legal issues we face are not expected. Therefore, you need the best Atlanta criminal lawyer to solve it quickly.

Importance of Hiring a Shoplifting Lawyer or Trafficking Lawyer in Atlanta

Shoplifting offences can have grave consequences that affect someone for a very long time. That’s why you need to treat a shoplifting case with the aggression and seriousness that any other criminal offence desires.

How to Find and Hire Best Felony Lawyer Atlanta

Choosing a good felony lawyer for yourself or your family member can make a difference that changes your life forever. If you have been charged with felony Atlanta<

Why Should You Hire A Rape Lawyer In Atlanta?

In a case of rape there is always distress and alarm whether you are the victim or the accused. When you are accused of a crime that you have not committed then definitely you will be in distress.

Why You Should Defend Your Rights with an Expert Domestic Violence Lawyer Atlanta

Domestic violence is a grave issue that is not taken lightly in Atlanta. When someone files a domestic violence accusation, the police will be involved in most cases, and the culprit will be arrested.

Protecting Your Rights with a Clayton Criminal Lawyer

If accused of committing a crime, it is possible that you do not know your rights. A Clayton criminal lawyer can defend you and ensure protection of your rights as well during this harrowing time.

The Right Legal Support – Gwinnett Criminal Attorney

When you are facing a criminal charge, you need to seek the services of a Gwinnett criminal attorney. It really does not matter

Hiring a Fulton Criminal Lawyer for Your Case

When the police arrest you for a crime, you know that you are in trouble. Your freedom is in jeopardy because you are at risk of jail time. Criminal convictions end up with a criminal record meaning that this will affect your ability to find employment. You may also b

Hire Experienced Dekalb Criminal Lawyer in Your Budget

Finding a good criminal lawyer to represent you in Atlanta can be quite difficult and expensive as well. Criminal law is one of the many branches of legal practice. You can choose just any lawyer to represent you in court but it is quite obvious what the effects of th

Choose the Most Trusted Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you face a criminal charge, hiring an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer is of utmost importance. You need to have someone who knows his way around the system and is trustworthy. Unfortunately, there are attorneys who are unethical. Here are some of

Why Do You Need a Criminal Attorney?

If you are facing a criminal charge, you need a proper defense strategy. Criminal charges, no matter how minor they might seem, could severely tarnish your reputation. Certain criminal charges also carry a mandatory prison punishment and monetary fine. A little ignora

Metro Atlanta Criminal Law Attorney

Ghanayem & Rayasam, LLC is a prominent metro Atlanta Law Firm with the expertise and experience to tackle all criminal matters, from the most minor of misdemeanors to the most serious of felonies. Contact one of our Attorneys