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False Imprisonment

False imprisonment is a serious crime in Georgia, but there are defenses available.

When many people think of false imprisonment, they may think of being falsely accused of a crime. In Georgia, that is not what this term means, however. False imprisonment occurs when one person criminally restrains or confines another person against his or her will. When trying a case of false imprisonment, there are certain elements the prosecution must prove, and there are also defenses for those charged. An Atlanta criminal defense lawyer can help those charged determine which one is right for their case.

False Imprisonment Defined in Georgia

The Georgia statute found at O.C.G.A., Section 16-5-41 states that false imprisonment occurs when a person arrests, confines, or detains a person without their consent, and without the legal authority to do so. Although false imprisonment is a similar crime to kidnapping, the two offenses are different. Kidnapping typically involves moving the victim from one place to another. In Georgia, false imprisonment is considered a felony offense.

Elements to Prove in a False Imprisonment Case

To prove that a person was falsely imprisoned, the prosecution must prove that the person charged with a crime is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that they must show that the victim was held against their will with no means of escaping. An attorney will raise reasonable doubt to help those charged retain their freedom.

Penalties for False Imprisonment in Georgia

The potential sentence for a conviction of false imprisonment in Georgia is between one and 10 years in prison. The accused could also face high fines if convicted. These penalties increase when the alleged victim was under 14 years old and not the child of the accused. Penalties for the crime may also increase if the alleged victim was imprisoned for longer than 12 hours.

In addition to the steep criminal penalties associated with false imprisonment, victims may also file a lawsuit against the accused under Georgia’s Civil Code.

Defenses to False Imprisonment

Although facing charges of false imprisonment may seem hopeless, there are defenses available. These include:

A defense lawyer can help determine which defense is best for your case.

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