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Sex Trafficking Defense Lawyers

To protect yourself against the severe penalties associated with sex trafficking charges in Georgia, you need an aggressive Atlanta criminal defense attorney on your side.

Sex trafficking is a crime that has garnered national attention. As a result, law enforcement officials are vigilant in apprehending and charging suspects while prosecutors are aggressive in making those charges stick. To protect yourself against the severe penalties associated with sex trafficking crimes, you need an experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorney fighting on your side. At Ghanayem & Rayasam, our award winning legal team provides tough, tenacious legal representation to prevent a conviction resulting in heavy fines and a potentially lengthy prison sentence.

Sex Trafficking Charges in Georgia

According to the Georgia Attorney General’s office , Atlanta has been identified as a hub for sex trafficking, which involves the use of force, coercion, or deception in order to recruit, entice, transport, or maintain another person for the purpose of performing commercial sexual activities. It can involve both men and women, and frequently includes victims who are under the age of 18.

In recent years, the Attorney General has worked with politicians and legislators throughout the state to toughen the state’s sex trafficking laws, which encompass prostitution rings and crimes such as pimping or pandering. This includes:

● Broadening the definition of ‘coercion’ in regards to how alleged victims become involved;

● No longer allowing the age of consent, which is 16, or a lack of knowledge of the age of the victim to be used as a defense;

● Allowing for asset seizure of property and assets owned by alleged sex traffickers;

● Increasing the fines and potential prison sentences defendants face if convicted on these charges.

Law enforcement and prosecutors face increasing pressure to address sex trafficking, meaning they are more aggressive in making arrests and seeking convictions. If you have been accused of sex trafficking charges in Atlanta, you need a tough, relentless criminal law attorney to begin immediately strategizing a strong legal defense.

A Strong Legal Defense Against Sex Trafficking Charges

Under Section 16-5-46 of the Georgia Code , penalties for sex trafficking include fines up to $100,000 and a possible prison sentence of between 20 years to life. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime, you could also be facing federal penalties, which come with harsh mandatory minimum sentences.

When facing these charges, your freedom depends on having an Atlanta criminal defense attorney with the knowledge and legal expertise needed to help you avoid a conviction. At Ghanayem & Rayasam, efforts our award winning legal team can take on your behalf include:

● Investigating the circumstances surrounding your arrest;

● Reviewing the evidence against you;

● Gathering evidence in your defense;

● Negotiating with prosecutors to have your charges reduced or dismissed;

● Making effective arguments in front of a judge or jury, seeking an acquittal.

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