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Ghanayem & Rayasam Fights for Rights of Business Owners Victimized By Theft

Our Atlanta theft crimes lawyer is helping a local store owner after repeated thefts threaten to close his business. 

At Ghanayem & Rayasam, our Atlanta criminal defense lawyer provides the experienced legal representation needed when criminal charges threaten to impact your freedom, your family, and your financial well-being. While we usually focus on helping those accused of crimes, we recently took on a case in which we are representing a victim. Find out more about the plight of a local store owner and how repeated thefts threaten to close his business.

Local Store Owner the Victim of Repeated Thefts

Atlanta News First recently shared the plight of a local store owner who has been the target of repeated thefts. Reggie’s Food Mart, located on Dill Avenue in South Atlanta, suffered a series of break-ins over a single week in July 2023.

Store surveillance tapes show a suspect dressed in black with a white face covering breaking in through the roof of the business. He then proceeds to stuff numerous items into a large duffle bag before making a hasty exit. Several days later, the tapes show what appears to be the same man boldly breaking in again and stealing even more merchandise.

Police estimate that he got away with as much as $1,500 worth of cigarettes and other products. While the theft represents a significant loss for the property owner, it is the damage to the store and the lack of respect that is the most devastating. In the aftermath, he contacted our office for help.

Our Atlanta Criminal Lawyer Represents Shop Owner

Atlanta criminal lawyer Musa Ghanayem, who agreed to represent the shop owner, was quoted in the news story. “There was a lot of damage. The roof was damaged, the register was damaged, and the back door,” he said. “I know that the damage to the store is way, way worse than anything that he could have taken.”

Despite the repeated crimes and the fact that it will likely take months to raise the money needed for necessary repairs to the store, the shop owner is determined to remain in business. According to Ghanayem, “That’s always been who Reggie is. He’s going to continue to keep that store open as soon they can get it fixed up, and he is going to reinvest in the store and the community.”

While the store owner focuses on making repairs, the police are focused on apprehending the suspect and preventing him from doing further harm to the community. Anyone with information about the case is encouraged to contact Atlanta Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477. There is a $2,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest.

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