Aggravated Assault Lawyer Atlanta

Being charged with an Aggravated Assault in the Atlanta area is a very serious offense. An experienced lawyer will make all the difference in getting the result you want.

The charge of Aggravated Assault is governed by O.C.G.A § 16-5-21. For the State to charge you with this crime, they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that someone accused of Aggravated Assault is guilty of the following elements of this crime:

    That a person commits as assault

  • With intent to murder, to rape, or to rob; or,
  • With a deadly weapon or with any object, device, or instrument which, when used offensively against a person, is likely to or actually does result in serious bodily injury; or,
  • A person or persons without legal justification by discharging a firearm from within a motor vehicle toward a person or persons.

A conviction of Aggravated Assault carries a sentence of between 1 and 20 years in prison. If the assault is alleged against an officer, the minimum sentence is 5 years. If the alleged victim is 65 years or older, then the minimum sentence 3 years.

You need a Lawyer to handle your Aggravated Assault case aggressively, a Lawyer who can mitigate your circumstances, raise all of your defenses and sift through all of the evidence to find every issue to attack. Ghanayem & Rayasam, LLC has handled many such Aggravated Assault cases.  They are the Lawyers you need to protect your Constitutional rights.