Probation Violations

Many of our clients have chosen to enter a guilty plea and be placed on Probation rather than face the possibility of jail time, should they lose a jury trial. Ghanayem and Rayasam have seen many innocent people forego their rights and take this path in order to preserve their liberty. Unfortunately when you take this action, your liberty is in jeopardy the entire time you are on Probation.

Once an individual has been placed on Probation, they will receive a sentence which imposes strict conditions, such as a requirement to report to a probation officer, performance of community service, payments of fines and fees, court ordered counseling, treatment, and a waiver of your Fourth Amendment right to privacy. A violation of any of these conditions can result in the revocation of an entire probated sentence. In addition, Probationers place their freedom in the hands of Probation Officers who have the authority to file a Probation Revocation petition at any time. Many Probation Officers will arbitrarily take this drastic step for no good reason. Probation Violation hearings can result in many different outcomes, from being placed back on Probation to receiving a prison sentence for the balance of your Probation.

In order to avoid a harsh punishment, you need experienced attorneys to assist you the moment you become aware of a potential Probation Violation. Ghanayem and Rayasam understand there are many reasons why a Probation Violation may have been brought against you - but we also understand that not all of these reasons are valid. Ghanayem and Rayasam will fight hard to protect your freedom. Call us today at (404) 561-0202 for your free consultation and to find out how we can protect your liberty.