Probation Revocation Atlanta

In Georgia, convicted defendants can receive probation rather than prison time if their criminal history and background demonstrates that they are a candidate for rehabilitation rather than confinement. For many people, however, their difficulties start after they have received a sentence of probation. Probationers will find that even minor violations of their probation may result in a revocation of their sentence, which means that they may receive prison time for conduct unrelated to their original crime.

Probationers are required to regularly report to their probation officer, pay all court ordered fines and restitution, and refrain from violating the law. If they are accused of violating any of these or other conditions, their probation officer may choose to take out a warrant for their arrest. After a warrant has been taken out, only the sentencing court has the power to cancel the warrant and release the probationer.

With Probation Revocation hearings, it is important to keep in mind that the standard of proof is lower than at a jury trial. If the State can prove the probation violation by a “preponderance of the evidence,” they can request a probation revocation even if they do not have "proof beyond a reasonable doubt." This means that you can have your probation revoked based on very little evidence. 

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