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Why am I Being Charged With Intent To Distribute?

Being accused of or arrested for any type of drug offense in Atlanta is a serious matter and requires strong, experienced legal representation. Depending on the amount of drugs in your possession and other factors in your case, you could be facing drug distribution charges. A conviction on these charges carries penalties that are particularly severe. Our Atlanta drug crimes lawyers protect your rights in this situation and explain common circumstances in which intent to distribute drug charges are often filed.

Intent to Distribute: Penalties Under the Georgia Code

Under the Georgia Code, unauthorized possession, purchase, manufacture, sale, or distribution of controlled substances is illegal. This includes marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, steroids, and other drugs with high potential for abuse as well as illegally obtained pharmaceuticals.

Charges and penalties for drug offenses in Georgia typically vary based on the amount of drugs involved. Smaller amounts of drugs are generally assumed to be for personal use. Criminal penalties associated with these charges typically include fines and a jail sentence ranging from one to ten years.

In contrast, the possession, purchase, or manufacture of larger amounts of drugs indicates the intent to distribute. Drug distribution is one of the most serious types of drug crimes in Georgia. In addition to charges through the Fulton County Criminal Court, drug distribution can also be charged as a federal offense. Penalties you could be facing if convicted include:

  • Seizure of property and assets;
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines;
  • A mandatory minimum prison sentence, which may include up to 30 years or more behind bars.

Circumstances Where You May Face Drug Distribution Charges

The amount of drugs on your property or otherwise in your possession plays a key role in determining the type of drug crime you are charged with. Larger amounts indicate an intent to distribute. Other factors that may influence your case and the prosecutor's actions against you include:

  • Having an elaborate manufacturing system, such as a lab or field of drugs;
  • Having a major amount of drug paraphernalia and packaging in your possession, such as scales and baggies;
  • Being affiliated with gangs or known drug traffickers, which are often the subject of FBI and DEA investigations;
  • Being in possession of large amounts of cash, which can be attributed to drug activities;
  • Voice mails, text messages, or other communications indicating offers of sale and intent to distribute;
  • Your prior criminal record, particularly offenses linked to drugs, gangs, and organized crime.

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Any type of drug crime in Fulton County is a serious matter. However, drug distribution carries some of the most severe penalties, including heavy fines, seizure of assets, and a lengthy prison sentence.

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