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What is Drug Court and How Does it Work in Georgia?

If you are facing a felony drug charge in Georgia, you will want to know about drug court. Felony drug charges carry heavy penalties, including up to 15 years in prison. This may leave many people feeling hopeless about the future, however, there may be an alternative. For those who qualify, drug court, also known as accountability court, can keep people who are facing felony drug charges out of jail by instead agreeing to participate in an 18-month program designed to get and keep them sober and put them on the path toward a sober and successful life.

Do I Qualify for Accountability Court?

If you are over 17 years of age and facing felony drug charges with a potential parole sentence of 18-24 months, are living legally in the United States, and have a substance abuse issue, you may qualify to participate in accountability court. You will not qualify to participate if you have been charged with selling or manufacturing drugs, or if you have a history of violent or sexual crimes. Additionally, if you live with someone who has a substance abuse issue, you will not qualify to participate. You must also be physically and mentally able to be an active and engaged participant in the program, and you cannot currently be involved in a medical pain management program.

What are the Benefits of Accountability Court?

Accountability court was designed to help keep people out of jail. It provides an alternative to serving time behind bars that focuses on rehabilitation from substance abuse and rebuilding your life so that you are unlikely to commit crimes or use illegal substances in the future. The program generally lasts 18 months, and you must meet certain benchmarks in order to move from one phase to the next, such as testing negative for substances after the first 30 days and getting and keeping an approved job.

The program also requires participants to have weekly meetings with a judge, attend alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous meetings depending on which is appropriate for their substance abuse issue, and get a GED if they do not already have a GED or high school diploma. Additionally, there will be random drug screenings and community service requirements, and you will have to pay monthly fees to cover the program costs. This program is highly beneficial if you are in a place where you can commit yourself to it. Spending time in prison is unlikely to give you many tools to rebuild and reshape your life, but this program is built around the idea of giving you all the tools you need to succeed and lead a life as a sober and upstanding citizen. It is essentially allowing you to turn lemons into lemonade.

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