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What is a Drug Charge Diversion Program?

Drug charges in Atlanta carry serious penalties. These include heavy fines and court costs, a potentially lengthy prison sentence, and a criminal record that follows you for the rest of your life. Drug charge diversion programs in Georgia help you avoid a criminal conviction. Our experienced Atlanta drug crimes lawyers explain the options available and who may be eligible.

Fulton County Drug Charge Diversion Programs

Perhaps you got caught up with a rough crowd, were experimenting with different substances, had a momentary lapse in judgment, or turned to drugs for help in treating a physical or mental health condition. Regardless of the reasons, drug charges in Atlanta carry serious criminal penalties.

Under the Georgia Code, you could be facing fines and a jail sentence if convicted. In some cases, drug charge diversion programs in Fulton County can help you avoid these penalties. Rather than pursuing a conviction, they focus on providing treatment, preventing repeat offenses, and reducing the ramifications drug charges have on your future. Drug charge diversion programs in Atlanta include:

  • Pretrial Intervention Programs (PTI): For first-time, non-violent drug offenses, pretrial diversion requires you to attend counseling, perform community service, and check in with the court periodically. In exchange, your charges may be dropped or reduced.
  • Accountability Programs: The Fulton County Accountability Court offers intensive outpatient treatment for people with drug and mental health disorders. Completion of the 18 or 24-month program allows you to avoid a jail sentence.
  • Juvenile diversion programs: This provides a second chance for young offenders and helps them avoid becoming a part of the criminal justice system at an early age.

Am I Eligible for a Drug Charge Diversion Program In Atlanta?

Any type of drug crime in Atlanta is a serious matter. In addition to fines and a possible jail sentence, you can be left with a criminal record that follows you for the rest of your life. This could impact your job, prevent you from pursuing different careers, jeopardize your ability to get student loans or other financial help, and may work against you in Fulton County Family Court proceedings. Criminal diversion programs in Georgia help to prevent this from happening.

In order to be eligible for drug diversion programs through the Fulton County Courts, you must meet certain qualifications. These vary depending on the specific program. Generally, you may be eligible in the following situations:

  • You have no prior felony or misdemeanor convictions;
  • You are charged with a non-violent drug offense;
  • Other than the drug crime, you face no other charges;
  • You have not previously participated in a pretrial diversion program in Georgia.

Discuss Your Options With Our Atlanta Drug Crimes Lawyers

Drug crimes in Fulton County carry serious penalties and require a strong legal defense. Depending on the circumstances, our Atlanta drug crimes lawyers may be able to get you into a drug diversion program, helping you avoid jail time and other penalties. To discuss your options, call or contact Ghanayem & Rayasam online and request a consultation today.