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Possession of Certain Types of Marijuana Products is a Felony in GA

Possession of any amount of a high-THC cannabis concentrate, such as hash or shatter, is a felony in Georgia, and so is possession of large quantities of marijuana flowers.

While some states have made it legal for adults to possess small quantities of marijuana and have regulated the legal sale of cannabis products, Georgia remains a 420-unfriendly state. Even its provisions allowing for medical marijuana and CBD products are quite restrictive. As the cannabis industry has evolved, Georgia’s marijuana laws have become more detailed, but they tend to be tough on cannabis in its many forms. Except for certain municipalities that treat possession of small quantities as infractions (similar to traffic violations) instead of crimes, possession of even a single joint of marijuana is a misdemeanor. Possession of more than an ounce of weed is a felony, as are cultivation and sale of cannabis concentrates. If you are facing felony charges for possession of marijuana or another type of cannabis product, contact an Atlanta marijuana crimes defense lawyer.

Cannabis Offenses That are Felonies Under Georgia Law

The following cannabis-related crimes are felonies, according to Georgia law:

  • Possession of between one ounce and 10 pounds of marijuana (cannabis flowers for smoking) is a felony, punishable by one to 10 years’ incarceration. Possession of 10 pounds or more of marijuana is considered trafficking and punished as such.
  • Sale or trafficking of less than 10 pounds of marijuana carries a sentence of one to 10 years. Sale or trafficking of quantities greater than 10 pounds carries a mandatory minimum sentence, starting at five years for 10 to 2,000 pounds, and increasing as the quantity of marijuana increases.
  • Cultivation of cannabis is a felony, with the penalty varying according to the amount of cannabis you grow. If the amount cultivated is less than 10 pounds, you can be sentenced to one to 10 years behind bars, with an even longer sentence if you grow more cannabis than that.
  • Possession of any amount of a cannabis concentrate is a felony punishable by one to 15 years in prison.
  • Sale of any quantity of a cannabis concentrate is a felony punishable by five to 30 years in prison.

What are High-THC Cannabis Concentrates?

Georgia law punishes possession of cannabis concentrates more harshly than possession of marijuana flowers because the concentrates have more THC by weight and therefore have more potent psychoactive effects. Hashish, also called hash, is the oldest known cannabis concentrate; it has been produced in the Middle East since the Middle Ages and can be eaten or vaporized. Modern technology and the booming legalized cannabis industry have given rise to many new kinds of concentrates that vary in consistency and uses. One popular cannabis concentrate is shatter, a brittle, amber-colored substance made of highly concentrated cannabis resin. Unlike hashish, shatter is not very potent when eaten, but is very powerful when vaporized.

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