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How Do I Find Out if I Have an Arrest Warrant?

Courts have a lot of authority and can issue certain actions. For example, they can issue search warrants and arrest warrants. An arrest warrant allows police to arrest a certain person without warning. If there is a warrant for your arrest, this means law enforcement must arrest you if they can locate you.

Why Would Someone Have an Arrest Warrant?

Here are some reasons why someone might have a warrant for their arrest:

  • Failure to appear. If someone fails to appear in court for a scheduled hearing or trial, a judge may issue a warrant for their arrest.
  • Failure to pay fines. If someone fails to pay fines, court fees, or other financial obligations imposed by the court, a warrant may be issued for their arrest.
  • Probation violation. If someone on probation or parole violates the terms of their supervision, such as by committing a new offense or failing a drug test, a warrant may be issued.
  • Unpaid child support. Failure to pay child support can lead to the issuance of an arrest warrant.
  • Contempt of court. If someone disobeys a court order, such as a restraining order or a subpoena, an arrest warrant may be issued.

Keep in mind that police officers cannot simply arrest anyone they wish. Before an arrest can be made, a judge must sign the arrest warrant. The only exception to this is when law enforcement suspects a motorist of driving under the influence. In this case, police can make an arrest at the scene. Police officers also do not need a search warrant to search a vehicle involved in a suspected DUI, but there must be probable cause.

Do I Have a Warrant?

If you have a warrant for your arrest, you likely will not be notified. You will need to be proactive and find out on your own. There are a couple of ways to do so.

You can call your local police department and ask. You can also contact the Georgia Bureau of Investigation or the Georgia Sheriff’s Association for a list of law enforcement agencies in your area. Some sheriff’s offices will give information over the phone, while others may require that you appear in person. If so, make sure to bring your ID with you.

In Atlanta, there are several ways to determine if you have an arrest warrant. You can go online to the Municipal Court of Atlanta website. You can call the Warrant Department at (404) 658-6959 to see if there are any arrest warrants issued against you.

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