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Domestic Violence From Self-Defense

People often mistakenly believe that domestic violence is always a black-and-white issue. However, when it comes to self-defense, the line is not always so clear. In Georgia, you have a right to stand yourself and defend yourself and others against an imminent threat. If you were exercising your right to self-defense and ended up facing domestic violence charges, the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Ghanayem & Rayasam want to hear from you. Schedule a consultation to get feedback specific to the unique circumstances of your case.

Self-Defense vs. Domestic Violence

Georgia state law gives citizens the right to defend themselves and others against an imminent threat of harm. This means that if there is an immediate and real threat to you or someone else who cannot defend themselves, you have a right to defend yourself and them. However, you cannot use any means to defend against any threat. Rather, the amount of force that you use should be equivalent to the amount of threat that you reasonably believe that you face. For instance, if someone threatens to punch you and you shoot them, this would not be a reasonable exertion of force, and self-defense would likely not apply as a defense to assault charges.

Domestic violence occurs when one spouse or family member harms another spouse or family member. If you broke up a fight between family members or had to defend yourself against an attack from your spouse or someone else in your household, you may have found yourself facing domestic violence charges. If so, it is important to consult with an experienced Georgia domestic violence attorney as soon as possible.

Defending Against Domestic Violence Charges

If you have been wrongly charged with domestic violence charges, it is important to act quickly to avoid conviction and save your reputation. A Georgia criminal defense attorney will fight to get the charges against you dropped or reduced. It is possible that the evidence against you will not be admissible or that procedural errors were made in your arrest or interview that have created grounds for dismissal. In other cases, your attorney may be able to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution, which will allow you to plead guilty or no contest to a less serious offense. If your matter proceeds to trial, your attorney will develop the best possible case strategy to defend against the charges against you. The best strategy will depend upon the circumstances of your case and creating doubts around the narrative that the prosecution puts forward. To learn more about the defenses available to you, schedule a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer.

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