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Do Criminal Charges Impact Your Driving Privileges?

Depending on the type of crime you are charged with, a criminal conviction can result in the loss of your driving privileges.

For most people, having a valid driver's license plays a vital role in every area of life. It enables you to work, go to school, run important errands, and take care of family members and friends. Unfortunately, if you have been charged with certain types of crimes in Georgia, you could find yourself facing a driver’s license suspension. To prevent this and other potentially serious penalties, you need an experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorney on your side.

Losing Your Driving Privileges in Georgia

The ability to operate a motor vehicle is considered a privilege, rather than an inherent right. In certain circumstances, when the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) considers you to possibly be a danger to yourself or others, they have the option of withholding your driving privileges. They can do this one of three ways:

● Through cancelation of your driver’s license, generally if you fail to provide the proper information on your application.

● Through a license suspension, in which your driver’s license is withdrawn temporarily for a period of time, generally due to some type of motor vehicle infraction.

● Through a complete revocation of your driving privileges, in which your driving privileges are terminated due to traffic violations or other causes. In order to regain these privileges, you will have to retake the state driver’s license exam.

Once you lose your driver’s license, you will be forced to rely on other means of transportation. If you do drive with your license suspended or revoked, you can be subject to immediate arrest, as well as fines and other criminal penalties.

Criminal Charges That Can Result in the Loss of Your Driver’s License

Most people are aware that too many traffic tickets or charges of driving under the influence can result in the loss of your driving privileges. However, under Section 40 of the Georgia Motor Vehicle and Traffic Code , the state also has the right to suspend or revoke your driver’s license if you are convicted of any of the following offenses:

● Homicide by vehicle;

● Using a car to evade police officers or resist arrest;

● Drug related criminal charges;

● Hit and run crimes;

● Using a motor vehicle to commit any type of felony crime, such as robbery, assault, or kidnapping.

You can also have your driver’s license suspended if you try to avoid facing criminal charges by failing to appear at a court hearing or answer a summons.

Get Help from an Experienced Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal conviction can impact every area of your life, including your ability to operate a motor vehicle. If you are facing any type of criminal charges, you need immediate, aggressive legal representation. To get our award-winning team at Ghanayem & Rayasam fighting on your behalf, reach out and call or contact our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys today to request a consultation.