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When is a Drug Crime a Felony in GA?

Our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys explain factors that influence whether you face felony drug charges in Georgia.

Being charged with any type of drug crime is a serious matter that requires immediate legal representation. Penalties upon conviction have the potential to be severe. This is particularly true with felony drug charges in Georgia. You could be facing heavy fines and a lengthy prison sentence. Our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys explain more about these charges and how to protect yourself and your freedom.

Georgia Felony Drug Crimes

Under Section 16-13-30 of the Georgia Code, it is illegal for any person to purchase, possess, manufacture, or distribute any type of controlled substance. The law applies to ‘street’ drugs and pharmaceuticals illegally obtained without a valid prescription. You could be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony offense as a result.

Misdemeanor drug charges in Georgia are a serious matter but are generally considered less severe. In terms of penalties, fines are significantly less, and the maximum jail sentence is up to a year. In some cases, our Georgia criminal defense attorneys may be able to negotiate to have these charges dropped completely or have you enter a pretrial diversion program, which can prevent your charges from being a part of your permanent criminal record.

Felony drug crimes are a far more serious matter and could leave you facing fines totaling tens of thousands of dollars, as well as the prospect of spending decades in prison. One of the key factors in determining whether felony charges are filed is the type of drug associated with your case. Felony drug crimes usually involve Schedule I or II drugs, which include:

Are You Facing Felony Drug Charges in Georgia?

Both legal and illegal drugs are classified under federal drug schedules listed under the U.S. Code. The state of Georgia relies on these in creating its own drug laws and determining whether drug offenses result in felony or misdemeanor charges.

In addition to the type of drug your charges are associated with, the amount involved also plays a role in the seriousness of the offense. For example, if you had a small amount of marijuana in your possession, we can argue that it was strictly for personal use. This makes for a lesser offense. However, larger amounts are considered more dangerous and a sign that you may have been engaged in the following:

You could also be charged with a felony drug offense if you sold, shared, or otherwise involved a minor in your drug activities.

To Protect Yourself Against Felony Drug Charges in Georgia, Contact Our Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorneys

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