Practice Areas
+ Criminal Law
Arson Defense Child Battery Counterfeit Money Diversion Programs Embezzlement Expungments Felony Financial Identity Fraud Fleeing and Attempting to Elude False Imprisonment Hate Crime Misdemeanors Money Laundering Possession of an Illegal Firearm Post-Conviction Relief and Expungements Probation Revocation Probation Violations Spreading Covid-19 a Terrorist Act Trafficking Firearms
+ Drug Crimes
Drug Manufacturing Drugging Someone Possession of Cocaine Possession of Marijuana Possession of Methamphetamine Trafficking VGCSA
DUI Extortion Firearms and Gun Offenses Jumping Bail Leaving the Scene of an Accident Obstruction of Justice RICO Stalking Vehicular Manslaughter
+ Juvenile Crimes
Juvenile Manslaughter
+ Sex Crimes
Date Rape Internet Sex Crimes Possession of Child Pornography Indecent Exposure Sex Trafficking Solicitation of Prostitution Online Prostitution Sexual Assault Underage Sexting & Child Pornography
+ Violent Crimes
Abduction and Kidnapping Assault & Battery Aggravated Assault Aggravated Assault Without a Weapon Child Endangerment Domestic Violence Murder and Manslaughter
+ Theft Crimes
Burglary Charges Shoplifting Theft by Receiving Theft by Taking Receiving Atlanta Theft by Receiving Auto
+ White Collar Crimes
Tax Fraud Bank Fraud Forgery Charges Forgery Types